8 Common Questions about Holiday Pay


8 Common Questions about Holiday Pay

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8 Common Questions about Holiday PayWe are entering the Holiday season, like I really needed to say that. Every year we get calls about holiday pay from employers. Usually the question goes like this, “Do I have to pay for holidays?” For most companies employees will get paid holidays. On the Federal level scheduled paid holidays are required to be taken off, like Christmas or Martin Luther King Jr.

Paid Holidays for the Private-Sector

You might be surprised or maybe not that there are no things as Federally-mandated “legal holidays” for private-sector employees, whether paid or not. This might be a relief to you. Straight from the United States Department of Labor states, “The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require payment for time not worked, such as vacations or holidays (federal or otherwise). These benefits are generally a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee’s representative).” If you work for a company that gives holiday pay you should be thankful. Not all employers don’t mostly because of they can’t.

Granting Holidays with Pay

You also may not know that the FLSA also does not require public-sector employers to grant holiday time off to their employees. I do want to make it clear that the laws in each state may vary when it comes to holiday pay. We receive a lot of questions about this when it comes near the holiday season. Questions like, “What happens if holiday falls on an employee’s regularly scheduled day off, or when the business is closed?” “Can we require employees to work on holidays?” A common one is, “If an employee takes a day off as a religious accommodation, does it have to be paid?”

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Well, let’s talk about this and see if I can clear up some of your questions and concerns. Let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts as I discuss the 8 common questions about holiday pay.

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