Can my Employer Require the Flu Shot


Can my Employer Require the Flu Shot?

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Can my Employer Require the Flu ShotCan my employer require me to get the flu shot? Very good question. Some businesses or companies do require flu shots especially health facilities, like hospitals or clinics. But there are regulations and guidelines for such requirements.  You can be exempt from getting the flu shot.

Flu Vaccines and Religion

If someone’s religion prohibits from having a flu vaccination you can qualify for an exemption. Being of a religious ministry, like a clergy, also can qualify for an exemption but you have bring proof. Flu vaccines and religion can get a little sticky. Federal officials, in September, filed a suit against a Pennsylvania hospital, alleging religious discrimination in the firing of six employees who refused to get flu shots. Saint Vincent reported that a “required certification by a clergy member and the fired employees were told they ‘did not provide proof of religious doctrine.'” Interesting case which I’ll go more into detail on the show.

Flu Shots and Disability

Currently under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other similar state laws, employers must provide accommodations if you have a disability that would make vaccination dangerous. Your condition may not necessarily qualify as a disability in most cases, the employer may allow you to skip the vaccination just as long as you can provide a doctor’s note explaining the situation. Let’s say you are allergic to eggs, that may get you qualified for an exemption to an egg-based vaccine that would make you sick. So, there are exemptions.

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