Employment Laws

New California Laws for Employers in 2017 2016 is coming to a close and the New Year comes with new beginnings, fresh starts, and new California employment laws for 2017. Because my practice is Employment law it is important for me to keep you inform of upcoming new employment laws. Especially here in California where […]

Stuck Paying Attorney Fees An employee files a claim against you then it ends up being false but you get stuck paying attorney fees. Now you’re angry … wait, you’re stressed … now you’re angry again because why should you be stuck paying attorney fees when you’re innocent? Good question. A lot of plaintiff attorneys […]

Fair Scheduling Act I am on my soap box today in support of the Employer with this new SB 878 ”¬†Fair Scheduling Act” legislation that has been introduced by our … our … our politicians (who more than half have no business sense, just saying). But I do want to say up front that I […]

Clocking Out to use the Bathroom A publishing company in Malvern Pennsylvania was ordered to payback at least 1.75 million dollars in back wages and damages to more than 6,000 employees after a Federal judge ruled the company forced it workers to clock out to use the bathroom and other short breaks. According to the […]

When an Employee Works off the Clock When an employee works off the clock does he or she get paid? There are times with employees will do work for an employer while not on the clock or that person is not getting paid for any of the work he or she is doing. What is […]

New Employment Laws for California Employers New employment laws for California employers are pending that are important for you know. Discrimination is a on-going law that changes quite often that all employers need to be abreast of. Another pending law is “retaliation in the workplace”. The worst thing an employer, or more serious, a manager […]