The Impact of Marijuana in the Workplace As you know, it is legal now to smoke marijuana in California. For some, maybe a lot, it is happy news but for others, it is crazy thinking. But what is the impact of marijuana in the workplace? What does legalizing marijuana mean for the employer? Where Marijuana […]

Medical Marijuana Bill that Protects Employers In the state of Ohio an amended medical marijuana bill that actually protects employers will be on the November ballot. The current bill is to legalize marijuana “for certain medical conditions, with approval from a physician, through a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot,” ( An amendment to […]

Smoking Medical Marijuana at Work Smoking medical marijuana at work is becoming an excuse to be high while working or is it? Because marijuana is now legal in some states and mostly used as a medical drug for people with medical issues, more people are high while working. This does create some problems for employers […]

Marijuana a Manager’s Perspective   Last week I talked about the Marijuana Compassion Act, when an employee is given a prescription by his or her doctor for marijuana because of some medical issue and is under its influence while working. On today’s broadcast we’re going hear Marijuana a manager’s perspective and the dilemma this issue […]

Marijuana Compassion – High on the Job Listen up business owners, CFO’s, Human Resource managers, and all managers and supervisors. Jim Potts is answering and addressing your questions and concerns … helping you to stay out of court. Want to stay out of court? Of course you do! Then listen right now to “Listen Up” […]