When Employees Lie About FMLA When employees lie about FMLA, Family and Medical Leave Act, what is an employer to do? A very common situation when an employer catches or suspects an employee is abusing the FMLA. It is hard to prove because the law will be more on the side of the employee. Employees […]

LGBT with Trump’s Presidency – What does it all mean now? Donald Trump will soon be America’s 45th President in January. What it means for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency soon to take the political stage in America? For some it is scary and they don’t want to face the next four years. Then for […]

The Impact of Marijuana in the Workplace As you know, it is legal now to smoke marijuana in California. For some, maybe a lot, it is happy news but for others, it is crazy thinking. But what is the impact of marijuana in the workplace? What does legalizing marijuana mean for the employer? Where Marijuana […]


Trump-nomics and Facebook What do Trump-nomics and Facebook have in common? Well, nothing except that I will be talking about these two controversial issues. With the current elections, I have been getting a lot questions about the state of business now the President-elect Trump will soon take office. Fair Labor Standards Act My email box […]

Family Member Disability Discrimination Is there a law for a family member disability discrimination in the workplace? Funny question maybe, but there actually is. In California there was a case, back in April of 2016, where a father had a son who required dialysis. The father was responsible for administering his son’s medication for dialysis. […]

Can my Employer Require the Flu Shot? Can my employer require me to get the flu shot? Very good question. Some businesses or companies do require flu shots especially health facilities, like hospitals or clinics. But there are regulations and guidelines for such requirements.  You can be exempt from getting the flu shot. Flu Vaccines […]

New California Laws for Employers in 2017 2016 is coming to a close and the New Year comes with new beginnings, fresh starts, and new California employment laws for 2017. Because my practice is Employment law it is important for me to keep you inform of upcoming new employment laws. Especially here in California where […]

8 Common Questions about Holiday Pay We are entering the Holiday season, like I really needed to say that. Every year we get calls about holiday pay from employers. Usually the question goes like this, “Do I have to pay for holidays?” For most companies employees will get paid holidays. On the Federal level scheduled […]

Free Speech in Social Media, How Free Is It? Social media is its own world when it comes to speech. Most people feel that social media is a place where speech has not limits. I’m sure most of us have seen, for example, on Facebook posts that makes us cringe. Twitters comments that create feelings […]

Millennials in the Workplace can make a Difference It is interesting when talking with millennials they would like see employers adjust to them as to their schedules, what time they come to work, etc. I don’t think that approach will work all that well or maybe it can or maybe it should. What is a […]