Pets in the Workplace Pets in the workplace, is it a good idea? From seeing-eye dogs for the blind, occupational therapy animals, and military service dogs to our beloved and trusted domestic companions, pets wear many hats in our lives.  I’m sure we know people that love their pets as if it is their first […]

 Active Shooter comes onto the Workplace Are you prepared for when an active shooter comes onto the workplace? Times are definitely changing. People are finding more reasons to harm and even kill other people. The workplace in no exception for workplace violence and protecting your employees is law, didn’t know if you knew that. Straight […]

Being Forced to Retire Being forced to retire by my boss, can he do that? A lot of times forced retirement is about the age of a person and that is illegal. To make this simple about age discrimination here is a good description, “In most professions, forced retirement based on age is illegal. Although […]

Getting Your Boss Fired Getting your boss fired is something I know a lot people would like to do. Know this, I understand that some bosses can make things difficult if not misserable for some employees but getting your boss fired is another issue. I received an email from a very disgruntled employee and she […]

Active Shooter in the Workplace How to prepared for an active shooter in the workplace is something no employer likes to think about. If you don’t already know Cal/OSHA has Guideline for Workplaces Security. OSHA Guidelines do state that recently “employees, as well as supervisors and managers, have become all too frequent victims of assaults […]

Stuck Paying Attorney Fees An employee files a claim against you then it ends up being false but you get stuck paying attorney fees. Now you’re angry … wait, you’re stressed … now you’re angry again because why should you be stuck paying attorney fees when you’re innocent? Good question. A lot of plaintiff attorneys […]

Fired for Dress Code Violations Can an Employer tell you how to dress at work? Well, yes. Can you be fired for dress code violations? Depends. In general, employers are allowed to regulate their employees’ appearance, within reason. As long as they do not end up discriminating against certain employees. It is common, for example, […]

Immigration and Employment Issues Immigration and Employment issues are matters that every business should concern themselves with. Why should any business concern themselves with immigration law? Well, perhaps in a global economy, in which we now live, it’s important that key recruits are able to cross boarders promptly and with some assurance. Besides, a lot […]

Best of Listen Up with Jim Potts Best of Listen Up with Jim Potts where we pull together some of the best of Jim Potts. Like the debate on what bathroom should transgenders use. Some good commentary on jokes in the workplace. And a soap box speech that I am very passionate about. Transgender Debate […]


No Good Deed You’ve heard the saying, “No good deed will go unpunished” right? Well, sometimes good deeds actually can get you punished in the workplace. Managers and supervisors will have a good heart by helping their employees out when their in need. For example, you give money out of your own pocket, or give […]