Sexual Orientation

LGBT with Trump’s Presidency – What does it all mean now? Donald Trump will soon be America’s 45th President in January. What it means for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency soon to take the political stage in America? For some it is scary and they don’t want to face the next four years. Then for […]

Best Practices for Transgender Rights Transgender, gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, sexual orientation titles that bring up a plethora of thoughts and emotions … probably more emotion than thought. The reason I talk about these issues is because they continue to be issues in the workplace and frankly these issue are not going to go away. […]

The Transgender Debate The Transgender debate continues and here is the question of all questions when it comes to this issue, Should transgender individuals be forced to use a particular bathroom? CLICK HERE to see the results from and read all the comments, which are quite interesting. This whole issue revolves around weather a […]

Bathroom Bill for Transgender Bathroom Bill for Transgender update you need to know.  When you have someone who is in transition in the workplace the one question that does comes up over and over again is,  “what bathroom do they use?” If a male is transitioning to a female does he use the men’s room […]

Should Sexual Orientation be a Protected Class Sexual orientation is an evolving issue in today’s culture and especially here in the Untied States. Should sexual orientation be a protected class in the workplace since this issue is impacted the most in the work environment? Well, if you live in California sexual orientation is a protected […]