Wage and Hour

8 Common Questions about Holiday Pay We are entering the Holiday season, like I really needed to say that. Every year we get calls about holiday pay from employers. Usually the question goes like this, “Do I have to pay for holidays?” For most companies employees will get paid holidays. On the Federal level scheduled […]

12 Mistakes Employers Make in Paying Non-Exempt Employees With the 12 mistakes employers make in paying non-exempt employees we talking about what most people know as hourly employees or non-salary employees. Exempt employees are people like part-timers, vendors, contractors and the like. I share this because there are a lot of employers who don’t the […]

Comp Time vs Make Up Time When it come to taking time off, for the employee, there is what is known as comp time vs make up time. Comp time is short for Compensatory Time off. What comp time does is “allows an employee to earn time off instead of being paid overtime wages. Some […]

When an Employee Refuses to Sign a Written Warning When an employee refuses to sign a written warning can you then force them to sign it? The answer is “no” you can not force anyone to sign a written warning, a pay change, or even the company handbook. Then what do you do? Or what […]

Holiday Pay Days How do you handle holiday pay days? Actually, the question is do I, as an employer, have to honor holiday pay days to every employee? With the holidays coming up like 4th of July, Labor Day, then we’ll be headed into the holiday season and who does qualify for holiday pay days? […]

Exempt Employee Not Working 40 Hours When an exempt employee is not working 40 hours week does the employer still have to pay that person their wages for 40 hours? An exempt employee is someone who is not hourly so they work the exempt employee is required to work 40 hours a week. The dilemma […]

Can They Legally Cut My Pay? An employee asked, “Can they legally cut my pay?” Good question and who is “they?” The Employer, but I’m sure you guessed that. Can an employer cut and employee’s pay and how and when can they? There may be times with a employer has to do some cuts and […]

Wage and Hour Checklist   Wage and Hour can the most misunderstand law with employers. A wage and hour checklist is good to have because employers seem to miss some important guidelines they must follow. One common mistake is over-time. Do employers have to pay over-time? You would be surprise how many employer will confuse […]