Workplace Legislation

New California Laws for Employers in 2017 2016 is coming to a close and the New Year comes with new beginnings, fresh starts, and new California employment laws for 2017. Because my practice is Employment law it is important for me to keep you inform of upcoming new employment laws. Especially here in California where […]

Comp Time vs Make Up Time When it come to taking time off, for the employee, there is what is known as comp time vs make up time. Comp time is short for Compensatory Time off. What comp time does is “allows an employee to earn time off instead of being paid overtime wages. Some […]

Fair Scheduling Act I am on my soap box today in support of the Employer with this new SB 878 ” Fair Scheduling Act” legislation that has been introduced by our … our … our politicians (who more than half have no business sense, just saying). But I do want to say up front that I […]

Protecting Trade Secrets from Employees “Well, President Obama got it right this time!” Protecting trade secrets from employees is signed into law. THE PRESIDENT: “I want to thank the outstanding members of Congress who are standing behind me — a bipartisan group, who, working with our Trade Representative’s Office, as well as our Patent Office, […]

Suitable Seating Requirements for Employees Suitable seating requirements for employees, yes, you heard it right there is a “Suitable Seating Law” for employers. What the law say about “Suitable Seating”? According to the IWC (Industrial Welfare Commission) Order No. 4-2001 #14-A and B … by the way IWC regulates the wages, hours, and working conditions […]

Fired for Skipping Lunch – What? Can I be fired for skipping lunch??   Have you been fired for skipping lunch? As an employer, have you ever fired an employee for skipping lunch? Now we know there are laws that require employees to give at least a 30 minute uninterrupted lunch … away from their […]

Employer Oversights – When did that become law? Employer oversights are not uncommon to employers. In fact employer oversights are very common especially when an employee complains or even takes you to court over a simple oversight of the law that you should have been familiar with. It cannot be stressed enough that employers should […]

Smoke Free Environment – I can’t breathe! Smoke Free Environment can be challenging for the smoker who wants to smoke. A smoke free environment are becoming more and more common in public places and especially in the workplace. People who are not smokers will complain about the dangers of second hand smoke and will likely […]

Off Duty Conduct Policy – I can do what I want! Huge question for off duty conduct policy of an employee, “Can my employer correct me for off duty conduct?” So, the question or situation is off the premises and/or off the clock. It may seem like an employer is invading the privacy of an […]

Employee Handbook – “That is not in the Handbook   What do you do when an employee says, “that is not in the employee handbook.” If it is not in the Employee handbook does it mean you can’t enforce rules? As an employer do you have to write out a step-by-step, rule-by-rule handbook? Listen Up […]