Family Member Disability Discrimination


Family Member Disability Discrimination

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Family Member Disability DiscriminationIs there a law for a family member disability discrimination in the workplace? Funny question maybe, but there actually is. In California there was a case, back in April of 2016, where a father had a son who required dialysis. The father was responsible for administering his son’s medication for dialysis. For several years the company, where he worked, had accommodated his schedule so he can be home in time for his son. Then, a new manager come on board. I’ll tell that story on the podcast.

Disability Discrimination Law

U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, most known as the EEOC says this about family member disability discrimination, “While the federal anti-discrimination laws don’t require an employer to accommodate an employee who must care for a disabled family member, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may require an employer to take such steps.”

Managers and Disability Discrimination

I quote the EEOC regulation on family members who have disabilities because it is important for business owners, managers, and supervisor to understand this guideline. The guidelines of “Disability Discrimination & Reasonable Accommodation” for employers who have family members with disabilities.

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Let’s discuss this more because it is an important topic and it can get a little confusing. So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts and talk about family member disability discrimination.

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YOUR TURN Do you have an employee or employees who has a family member that has a disability? Do provide any type of accommodation? Have you ever been sued over disability discrimination? You comments and opinions count here!

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