What it means for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency


LGBT with Trump’s Presidency – What does it all mean now?

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Donald Trump will soon be America’s 45th President in January. What it means for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency soon to take the political stage in America? For some it is scary and they LGBT with Trump's Presidencydon’t want to face the next four years. Then for others, it is just another candidate with agenda that will go nowhere. No matter how you feel, as a gay person, Trump is going to be President.

EEOC and the LGBT

It has been over a year that the EEOC first announce that will accept LGBT discrimination charges for sexual discrimination under title seven under of Civil Right Acts of 1964. There is no Federal law per say at the moment that protects people who leading the alternative lifestyle. California has a law under sexual orientation that protects gays from discrimination. In fact, 23 states now have laws that protect those of the alternative lifestyle.

U.S. EEOC v. Scott Medical Health Center

The government first sex discrimination case issues an historic ruling. The EEOC files a lawsuit against Scott Medical Health Center, in Pennsylvania, with charges that gay male employee was subject to sex discrimination in the form of harassment because of his sexual orientation. The gay man was forced to quit his job rather than endure further harassment. In response, Scott Medical Health Center filed a motion to dismiss the case. Here is the decision, “on Nov. 4 by U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon, the court denied Scott Medical Health Center’s motion to dismiss EEOC’s case. In its ruling, the court found that sexual orientation discrimination is a type of discrimination “because of sex,” which is barred by Title VII.” Again, what does it mean for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency?

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Let’s talk more about this because there is more to this ruling and more to be said about the upcoming administration. So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Pott’s as I talk about the What it means for the LGBT with Trump’s Presidency.


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