Millennials in the Workplace


Millennials in the Workplace can make a Difference

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Millennials in the WorkplaceIt is interesting when talking with millennials they would like see employers adjust to them as to their schedules, what time they come to work, etc. I don’t think that approach will work all that well or maybe it can or maybe it should.

What is a Millennial

Millennials are those who were born between the late 70’s to the early 90’s. More accurately, from 1977 – 1994. Millennials are usually labeled as Generation Y, Generation Me, and Echo Boomers. Sometimes millennials seem to feel they are entitled to what others have without really trying for it. But there are quite a few millennials in the workplace that don’t have that entitlement mentality.

Millennials can make a Difference

As new generations of employees have arrived and have entered the workforce and management positions, they bring with them a new perspective.

“When you look at Millennials, in particular, in the workplace, they have an underlying desire to shape where they work; to make a contribution, to see that the role they play has a direct tie to a benefit in society,” says Jim Link, chief human resources officer with Randstad North America. That benefit could be to the organization that employs them or in the bigger picture.”

With Millennials in the workplace one of the parts of embracing their roles means being open to inspiration from higher-ups, which mean the employers, boss, managers, and so on. Millennials do have gifts and talents that can help a business greatly.

Listen Up

I had an interesting conversation with a millennial at one of my networking groups is why I will be talking about this subject.

So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts as is discuss millennials in the workplace.

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YOUR TURN Do you have millennials working for you? Do they fit in well? Do help them excel? Are you a millennial and feel looked down upon? Or do fit right in where you work? We want to hear you thoughts.

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