New California Employment Laws


New California Laws for Employers in 2017

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New California Employment Laws2016 is coming to a close and the New Year comes with new beginnings, fresh starts, and new California employment laws for 2017. Because my practice is Employment law it is important for me to keep you inform of upcoming new employment laws. Especially here in California where employment laws, for the most part, set the standard for other states. I have a few on list that I would like to focus on.

Wage Discrimination – AB 1676

An existing law that is “generally prohibits an employer from paying an employee at wage rates less than the rates paid to employees of the opposite sex in the same establishment for equal work for work performance that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility that are performed under similar working conditions.” Now California state leaders have added that, “an employee’s prior salary cannot, by itself, justify any disparity in compensation.” What does this mean for employers? I will discuss this answer on the Podcast.

Wage DifferentialWage Differential – Fair Pay Act Expanded to Protect Race and Ethnicity – SB 1063

New California employment laws that is for equal pay for the Race and Ethnicity. We currently have equal pay for employees of the the opposite sex. What SB 1063 does is “expands the prohibition of a wage differential based on an employee’s race or ethnicity for substantially similar work.” Sounds fair right? I believe in equal pay no matter who you are if you qualify. Equal pay for race and ethnicity opens up a whole new door for more litigation that will break many bank accounts.

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Wage discrimination and wage differential are just two of the many laws coming into 2017 for employers. I thought it would be good discuss these new California laws and how it will effect employers. So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts as I talk about these new California employment laws.

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