Other Services


Investigation and Representation State and Federal Agency Interaction
Policies and Procedures Development and Review Sexual Harassment Compliance
Wrongful Termination Training Employees
Terminations Letters from Attorneys
Conflict Resolution Mentoring
Disciplining Employees


Investigation and Representation

  • Assistance with investigating sexual harassment allegations
  • Confidentiality ensured on all information obtained
  • Interviewing
  • Written reports of findings and recommendations as applicable
  • Representation before all applicable state and federal agencies via written response

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State and Federal Agency Interaction

Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (wage and hour issues)
Complaint processing and hearing representation

Discrimination Complaints (EEOC and DFEH)
Investigation and response
Representation for on-site investigations

Sexual Harassment Complaints
Investigation and response

Workers Compensation (Labor Code Section 132a; Serious and Willful Claims)
Investigation, response, and representation

Employment Development Department And
California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

Written response and hearing representation

CAL-OSHA complaints

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Policies and Procedures Development and Review

Affirmative Action plans
Personnel handbook (development and review)
Job descriptions
Salary administration
Injury prevention programs

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Sexual Harassment Compliance

On-site training of employees, supervisors, and upper management
Ongoing consultation to assist employers with everyday questions and situations
Assistance with developing policies and procedures

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Wrongful Termination

  • Consultation
    Employee-related problems
    State and federal agencies
    Public policy violations
  • Representation
    Administrative agencies
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    Department of Fair Employment and Housing
    Department of Labor Standards Enforcement
    Workers Compensation Appeals Board
    Employment Development Department

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Training Employees (English and Spanish)

Sexual harassment
Violence in the workplace

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From time to time clients have requested that one of our staff assist in the on-site termination of an employee. The reasons may vary from fear to factors that include ensuring that all of the proper protocols have been followed prior to, and at the time of, termination.

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Letters from Attorneys

Occasionally our clients receive letters from attorneys threatening litigation for some adverse action taken by an employer against an employee. Our staff has been extremely successful in framing a response to such letters and meeting with attorneys to resolve the issues without the necessity of litigation. In the event that the matter cannot be resolved amicably, it is referred to outside counsel.

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Conflict Resolution

Our staff members are prepared to assist employers with conflicts between managers (or supervisors) and employees. A staff member will appear on-site and meet with both the manager and the employee individually and assist with resolving the conflict. The same procedure is also followed for conflicts between co-workers.

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Our staff members have been called into service to work on an individual basis with managers or supervisors who need individualized training to improve their managerial or supervisory skills. The mentoring program is administered at the offices of Potts & Associates and requires one-to-two-hour weekly visits by the manager. The program can last from four weeks to 16 weeks depending upon the need.

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Disciplining Employees

As needed, staff members will personally assist with disciplining individual employees in situations that have an initial appearance of potential litigation. This service includes written warnings as well as suspensions.

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