Trump-nomics and Facebook


Trump-nomics and Facebook

Listen Up with Jim Potts

Trump-nomics and FacebookWhat do Trump-nomics and Facebook have in common? Well, nothing except that I will be talking about these two controversial issues. With the current elections, I have been getting a lot questions about the state of business now the President-elect Trump will soon take office.

Fair Labor Standards Act

My email box has been swamped with questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act Salary Test. The cut off date is December 1st. The big question I get is what does this means now that Donald Trump will be taking the Presidental office? Frist, you can go to Trump’s website because he has a whole page on Regulations. You will see and learn that Trump does not like regulations and he is looking to scale a lot of that down. But, again what does it mean for the FLSA salary test? Don’t worry I will answer that question in the podcast.

FacebookFacebook, help or hindrance?

A woman files a lawsuit against her employer for racial discrimination. The defense, during their investigation, goes on her Facebook page to find comments that were used against her. The woman’s Facebook page ended up being prejudicial to her case. If there one thing I always say, especially to employees, is to be careful what you say on these social media platforms. What you say or express on social media can be used again you. Social media is not always a safe place to overly opinionated or to express grievances, especially against your employer.

Listen Up

Let’s discuss these issues more in-depth, shall we? So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts as I talk, discuss and answer questions about Trump-nomics and Facebook.

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