When Employees Lie About FMLA


When Employees Lie About FMLA

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When Employees Lie About FMLAWhen employees lie about FMLA, Family and Medical Leave Act, what is an employer to do? A very common situation when an employer catches or suspects an employee is abusing the FMLA. It is hard to prove because the law will be more on the side of the employee.

Employees doesn’t always win with FMLA

A recent case that involved United Airlines who fired an employee for abusing the FMLA. The employee was a 20-day vacation that was approved. He needed two more days during his vacation. Then he told the employer he would using an FMLA day “he had been approved previously for intermittent leave for an anxiety disorder. The employer noticed the odd timing, which was made more suspicious by the fact that Donald’s wife, who also worked at United, also was on vacation.” Want to hear the outcome of this one?

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What happens when employees lie about FMLA especially what happened the United Airline case is a story to be told. So, let’s Listen Up with Jim Potts as discuss when employees lie about FMLA.

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YOUR TURN Have you ever caught an employee abusing FMLA? What happened? How do you feel about the FMAL act of 1993? Whether you’re an employee or an employer we want to hear your comments.

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