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We at Potts & Associates  are committed to the values that make your business thrive. We are dedicated to making sure that we provide the right information, service and recommendations tailored for the current business environment that you have.



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Unemployment Cost Control

The fastest way to reduce your company’s unemployment taxes is to produce an efficient and consistent effort. P&A can provide a program that will cut your operating expenses while reducing your personnel staff’s workload and complying with government regulations. We rely on a combination of people, procedures, and utilization of sophisticated data processing equipment to obtain the best results for your company. Learn More…




Supervisor Training

The education provided by P&A at the supervisory level is designed to develop an awareness of and sensitivity to the need for comprehensive documentation procedure. On request, training seminars are conducted for key personnel to familiarize them with the nature, scope, and intent of the program. The content of the program can be flexible and adapted to your specific needs. Learn More…



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Other Services

Potts & Associates provides a number of services that will suit your preemptive and urgent needs and issues for your organization including investigations; state and federal agency interaction; terminations; conflict resolution; and many others. Learn More…