About the Potts Family

Potts & Associates Inc. is a family-run business

The Potts Family of Potts and Asscociates

Family business is the oldest and most common model of economic organization irrespective of the industry. Holding true to that tradition, Potts & Associates can truly boast it has followed that model. Jamal, Jamayne, and Zaylore have been involved in the business since their youth while each has maintained their own sense of identity and interests. However, it should be noted, their values, goals, and actions toward the servicing of our clients, are all consistent with those expressed by Jim & Brenda.

As a husband & wife team, Jim and Brenda have “bucked” the traditional notions of those who have expressed skepticism of spouses working together. Our success is based on the notion we are the best of friends first, and reserve our family status for the home.

Each of us has a duty to the company, as a whole, and incorporate our staff into the family circle thereby giving the entire staff the traditional notions of working together, as a family, to accomplish a collective goal.

Brenda, Senior Vice President

Brenda, Senior Vice President

Brenda’s roles in the company include:

Community Relations, Marketing, Accounts Receivables & Payables, Human Resources Manager, Office Management & IT.

Jamayne, Vice President

Jamayne, Vice President

Jamayne roles in the company include:

Unemployment claims, appeals and hearings. Unemployment hearing representation, Labor Board Hearings.

Jamal, Account Manager

Jamal, Account Manager

Jamal’s roles in the company include:

Account Manager-responsible for responding to unemployment claims and hearing representation.


Zaylore, General Counsel

Zaylore’s roles in the company include:

Compliance Officer, Labor Law matters, overseeing & identifying legal issues, corporate governance and business policies.

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