Our Management and Employee Training


The education provided by Potts and Associates at the supervisory level is designed to develop an awareness of and sensitivity to the need for comprehensive documentation procedures. The best control of unemployment costs can only be achieved through a joint effort. It is important that each person involved in a supervisory capacity have a complete understanding of how to assist in accomplishing the objectives of the program. On request, training seminars are conducted for key personnel to familiarize them with the nature, scope, and intent of the program. The content of the program can be flexible and adapted to your specific needs. P&A will provide on-site education seminars to train your management staff and employees in a variety of areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, unemployment, labor standards enforcement, discrimination, and sexual harassment. A representative from P&A will train key staff members on how the unemployment insurance system works and develop an ongoing method of documenting separations and the proper procedure for communicating with P&A.

P&A provides a blog to update key personnel on any changes in the law that impact you as an employer. We generate a quarterly report regarding all unemployment claim activity and send it to designated recipients, enabling them to monitor various types of separations as well as possible problem areas. This report can be customized to accommodate various locations, divisions, and states.

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