Bullseye Services: What's Involved

Site Assessments

Our skilled professionals visit each location of the business to determine the strengths and vulnerabilities of the site. This is accomplished by walking the entire facility as well interviewing a select number of staff members for the purpose of determining past incidents that have occurred in and around the business.


After the site assessment is completed, the team collectively collates and analyzes the data for the purposes of creating a matrix detailing the percentage of strengths and weaknesses of the site in comparison to industry and client’s standards. The report is compiled with the results of the site assessment, the interviews with on-site employees, and our conclusions for future awareness and preparation.

Workplace Security Plan

A workplace security plan will be developed based upon national standards and the information contained in the previously delivered report

Procedures and Protocols

A procedure and protocols manual will be developed based upon the results of the site assessment, and national and industry standards. The manual will contain information addressing various scenarios and what procedures employees should follow in the event an incident takes place.


Managers and employees will receive active shooter training, workplace security measures based upon their specific site, department, or location. In addition, the information presented will include tips for on duty and off duty security measures that can be shared with employee family members.

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