Tax Analysis

  • Verification of state unemployment insurance tax rates

  • Audit of benefit charges

  • Verification of benefit credits due

  • Voluntary contribution recommendation

  • Tax rate consolidation for mergers and acquisitions

Most employers are aware that the true measuring rod of the services provided is the reduction of their unemployment tax rate. They are not normally aware that this reduction is brought about through a number of integrated steps.

We ask our clients to send us copies of their quarterly contribution reports so that we can verify the accuracy of each report, and confirm with the state that the amount you are reporting is being properly credited to your reserve account. When the state issues your new tax rate, we verify the information the state used to calculate your rate. The appropriate action is taken when errors are found. We maintain these records for a period of seven years.

Many states now permit voluntary contributions. The key is to remember that it is permitted only once a year. Our staff will calculate your contribution and determine if a voluntary contribution is to your benefit by way of a tax rate reduction. If it is to your benefit, our staff will recommend the additional payment into your reserve account, get the lower tax rate, and calculate the savings based on the lower rate.

Mergers and acquisitions are additional areas where there may be savings. Our staff will combine the reserve accounts of the merging companies and calculate a new tax rate based on the numbers. There are times when it is not feasible to combine tax rates. Our staff will discuss those options at the appropriate time.

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