• Verification of state unemployment insurance tax rates

  • Audit of benefit charges

  • Verification of benefit credits due

  • Tax rate consolidation for mergers and acquisitions

Potts & Associates has emulated the various state systems that determine your liability on a per-claim basis. This same system permits P&A to monitor all claims for the duration of benefits and collates all information received, such as claims, determinations, and benefit charges. This information is used to verify the state’s accuracy in paying benefits.

In addition, your annual tax rate is verified upon receipt. This rate is computed from your beginning reserve balance, quarterly contributions, and benefit charges, each of which is independently verified for accuracy and then computed to determine your tax rate. All state errors are immediately protested in writing. A credit is then obtained and placed back in your reserve account. If the credit results in lowering your rate, the state will issue a refund check to reimburse you for the overpayment.

P&A provides a quarterly activity report. Upon request, reports can be generated on either a semi-annual or annual basis. A report can be generated by state, region, division, or location.

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