Claims Administration and Hearing Representation

  • Analyze separation information to determine if it is a protestable case

  • Respond to appropriate agency within the statutory guidelines

  • Appeal unfavorable decisions

  • Gather the essential evidence to present at hearings

  • Represent clients at hearings

  • Prepare witnesses

P&A established its claims control program to respond to all requests regarding individual claims. When an individual is separated from employment, that individual’s supervisor completes a separation report or termination letter. These forms are forwarded to us and placed on file for future reference should a claim be filed.

When the initial claims are received, they are forwarded to P&A with a copy of the separation report. Upon receipt P&A will respond within the statutory time prescribed by law. When the state issues its decision, P&A will receive a copy and appeal, as applicable, all unfavorable decisions. P&A will request a hearing and provide representation. In the event that a favorable decision is issued and appealed by the claimant, P&A will provide representation.

Base period claims will come directly to P&A, which will, upon receipt, pull the information and proceed accordingly. If P&A receives any claim without the appropriate information attached, P&A will contact the client to obtain the information.

P&A will be your authorized representative before the various state agencies and, as such, will be responsible for processing all unemployment insurance claims. If there are any reasons why unemployment benefits should not be paid, this information will be forwarded to the state. All information communicated to the state should be through one focal point. Because the guidelines established by the state can be extremely technical, the deciding factor as to whether unemployment benefits are paid may not be what the employer says but how it is said. P&A communicates all responses clearly and concisely.

When determinations are received from the various state agencies, our staff reviews the decision. If the state issues a decision that is not warranted, an appeal is filed immediately. Upon receiving a notice for a hearing, our staff will immediately contact you and discuss witnesses and case preparation. A representative of P&A will attend the hearing. If a witness is necessary, he/she will be interviewed in advance and prepared for the hearing. When a written appeal is applicable, our staff will respond in a timely and efficient manner. All written appeals are based on the transcripts and evidence submitted at the prior hearing.

P&A’s management reporting system is designed to provide all data necessary to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the unemployment cost control program. Each quarter, you will receive a report of all activities undertaken by P&A, including claims filed, appeals, hearings, and board appeals, with the names of each claimant and the disposition. The reports are customized for each client to reflect claims and hearing activity by state and by location within the state.

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